Sensory Practice Meditation 1

If you wish, light your own candle. Light it when you’re ready to settle.

Sit or lie comfortably on the floor in a way that fully supports and pleases your body for as long as you use this meditation.

Use as much or as little of this meditation as you desire. Use it from top to bottom or choose a body part and spend time with that body part.

I love fire. The way it dances in its own fluid rhythm. Let your body give you the sway; your own fluid rhythm.

The flame draws and holds my eyes; creating it’s own sensory meditation.

Let your eyes be your first connection into this meditation. Soften your eyes until they almost close.

Take 3 easy breaths and invite the rest of your body to soften with your eyes.

This is practice, so it may take several rounds of breaths to learn and be willing to soften. It may take occasional reminders to yourself .

This is a practice. Be gentle with yourself.

The flicker has its own emotion; its own patient sense of urgency.

Breath in with your own sense of patience.

Wait. Soften your eyes.

Soften your jaw; teeth rest apart.

Imagine a tender warmth brushing up the back of your neck, releasing tension in your neck. Let your head and neck sway very very softly, just enough to stave of any tension.

The way your head relaxes up, invite your shoulders to float down, your upper arm bones hanging longer

and longer.

Take an easy inhale and exhale.

Invite your elbows to draw your upper arms bones down. The two spiraling bones of your forearm mimic the flame dance.


Touch. Caress. Invite. Heal. Hold. Protect. Express.

Hands speak what the voice does not.

Sense the spaces between your fingers, sense the warm, soft pulse of life in your hands.

Warmth flows freely from your hands the way it flows from the candle’s flame.


With your right hand, lightly trace your left collar bone with your sensitive finger tips from your shoulder to the gentle depression where your collar bone floats above of your sternum.

Lightly trace your right collar bone with the finger tips of your left hand.

Let the bones of your right arm drift down and rest.

Let the bones of your left arm drift down and rest.

Take 3 easy breaths. Notice the cadence of your sternum in time with your breaths.

Let the breath sway your spine. Imagine your breath flooding your spine with volume and space.

Sense your spine sway, quiet; a delicate dance of breath, bone and nerve.

Notice how the flames expands and contracts in subtle ways.

Notice how your ribs and your breath blend timing…

expand and contract… soften

expand and contract… soften

expand and contract… soften

Invite your next breath to peacefully fill you




Remind your body to soften.

Imagine the bones of your pelvis blossoming to release what remains bound.

Take 3 breaths.

Your thigh bones slip effortlessly in your hip joints.

Volume and Space.

Invite freedom.

Feather touch around your knees.

Healing heat.

Volume and Space

Let the candle remind you to soften your eyes and notice the inhale and exhale that nourishes your ankle joints.

The give and take of balance.

Arches. Spans. Dainty. Sturdy.

Notice 3 breaths connecting our sensory bridges between Earth and body. Through our feet, we are in relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field, energy.

Gently spread your toes, and imagine air slipping in and out between your toes. Imagine air brushing the sides of your feet. Imagine the air brushing the length of your feet.

Come back to the dance of your candle.

You are plugged into sensation in all parts of your body.

Let your body return to the sway of your own fluid rhythm.

When you’re ready, take 3 easy breaths and move yourself back to upright. Blow out your candle and take your awareness into the rest of your day.

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