Do It Wrong.

What if you spent the entire day doing everything wrong?

“Wrong” might give you results you didn’t even know you were after! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

We, as a culture are seriously into perfection. The funny – really poignant and sad reality is that perfect doesn’t exist. Like so many of our other social constructs – it is conceptual hell.

Perfection only exists in concept or in theory and exists to make us miserable. Before we go any further, I feel compelled to provide the following disclaimer: concepts cannot make us do anything. We are responding to a lifetime of conditioning and we do have a choice. End of disclaimer.

For myself, there are certain areas in which I hear my ego yelling things like, “why can’t you do that already – you’ve seen somebody do it once”, or “your supposed to be a dancer…”, “what is taking you so long?!?!?!”.

Through my Nia practice and my experience as a mother I have learned to accept some things. First, every different piece of information I received is processed in a different way and in relative time. Second, I might be able to do it the first or second time around but to be able to do it and dig it takes time and a beautiful concept called embodiment.

Every time I define myself I put limitations on the future. The “I ams” put me neatly in the box, slam the lid and tie a pretty bow. To Robyn, for that, I am eternally grateful.

My point, is that being wrong is completely out of the question – for anyone – at any time. Anyone see a problem – or an opportunity here?!

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