Awareness of Healing

I am present. I am quiet. I am still.

I am present to the knowledge that every move I make is made up of smaller, micro moves. I slip through every moment, mindfully, consciously – with Awareness.

I invite my Spine to float softly upwards, creating Volume and Space in all of my joints for Ease, Relaxation, Functionality and Pleasure.

With quiet precision, I am present to my structure – my framework. I am conscious of where my Body is in space. I am connecting to the Wisdom and Intelligence of my Body.

Stillness and Strength from within. Organic, and tactile I am soft, supple, open and curious. Awake to sensation, I am within the subtle, the reflective and the gentle that leads to Healing.

I feel. I hear. I taste. I touch. I smell. I see. I sense. I receive. I transmit. I know. I adapt. I grow. I heal.

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