Learning to Soften.

Tension restricts range of motion. Limited range of motion makes moving our bodies more difficult than it could be. Mental rigidity makes adapting to change more of a struggle. Unwillingness to access the full spectrum of emotions tends to make managing relationships uncomfortable and less than pleasurable. Beliefs and attitudes that narrowly define creativity keep us from realizing the scope of our gifts.


Balance is integral to Nature. Nature will not deliberately create imbalance. Nature is function without waste.

We’re the ones who purposefully cause and even create imbalance. We should have “hard” bodies to be healthy. How much time is spent cultivating a healthy, balance between flexibility and strength work? I don’t have this number, do you? “Flat” stomachs?

How can I take consistently take full breaths when I’m always contracting my abs?

And am I “flat” and “hard” in the “right” places so that I am also “curvy”, “shapely” in the right places?  Is it ok to include the word “soft”? Why or why not?

How often is the word “soft” used in fitness and wellness environments?


Space and Time. Touch. Pulse. Playful. Beat. Rhythm (what is your personal rhythm? is it natural?). Moving from the Inside out. Moving Meditation. On the Earth. With the Earth. Create a Caress Dance with the Earth – Caress the Earth with your Dance

Finding ways and taking time to move down to the Earth and back up again throughout.

My body loves the Sky Dancing choreography so I’m leaving it as for now. It’ll be interesting so witness the shifts that occur as this work comes together.

The following playlist and notes are something to toy with. I’m going to be offering a class called “Shaman” and these are my first musings with the sounds and movement that may be involved.

1. Clouds – Feuerhake (Sky Dancing)

2. Takshaka – Makyo (Sky Dancing)

3. Walking Through – Kaya Project

Play with: Walking (imagine!)

What can you Walk? Feet. Hands. Sitz Bones. Shoulder Blades. Ribcage. What else?

How do you do it? What’s your gait?

What animal are you walking? What’s the gait? Does your animal have paws or wings, claws or fins?

4. Firebird – Triponas

Play with:

*Texture          *Energy          *Style          *Speed

5. Tribal Shift – Kaya Project

6. Stone Turns Black – Kaya Project

7. Kalamari Warriors – Animal Radio & Bushmen of the Kalahari

Play with: Contrast and Balance


*Up/Down       *Big/Small         *Lines and Circles          *Hard/Soft

 8. Kalahari (Dub Disco) – Bushmen of the Kalahari

Pearl: SOAR!

(Teachers play with Choreography from Butterfly)

9. Come With Us – Chemical Brothers (Sky Dancing)

10. Hungry Man – Bushmen of the Kalahari

Play with:

Sense of Balance: How does focus affect Balance?

Place your attention on different body parts. Does it matter is those body parts are activated?

What happens?

11. Slide – Kaya Project

Floor Play

I’m sharing this information. I don’t actually have the words for why, but it feels good!

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