Today’s Class and Playlist

Today’s focus was the Alchemy of Awareness with the intention of learning to heal.

Awareness, paying attention to body sensation is the first step.

Thank your body for sensations of comfort, ease and pleasure.

If you notice pain, make a tiny adjustment, or tweak your movements. If that doesn’t help, ask your body what it needs.

Your body will tell you.

You can do this anywhere and at any time you notice pain.

Why wait for an ache or a pain to become an injury?

Listen when your body speaks. Small adjustments may be all it takes.

Today’s Playlist

Luna – Ganga

Marisi – Cantoma

Dah Din Beats – Gee-E and Usman

Firebird – Triponas

Behind the Veil – Makyo

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter – Thievery Corporation

I Love Baby Cheesy – Banca de Gaiia

Stone Turns Black – Kaya Project

Gayatri – Adam Shaikh

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