Personal Power

Personal Power is about living fully as fully integrated human beings. Integrated within ourselves, through the sensations of the Body, emotionally accessible, uniquely expressive without being dominated by our capacity for thought.

Personal Power is not about material ownership, control or manipulation. Nor is it about getting there “first”. Personal Power is within; it cannot be acquired from outside of ourselves. It can be given away, but no one can give it back.

We are all entitled to our Personal Power with the emphasis on personal. It is ours and like freedom, ours ends where another’s begins.

What are you going to do with your Personal Power?

2 thoughts on “Personal Power”

  1. Yes, the Personal Power that we live is becomes us in the way we live our own sense of self. Looking up and looking out into the world at each moment. The sensibility of transmitting and receiving with full Awareness through Body•Mind•Emotion•Spirit – a way of living in this moment and the next.

    1. “…transmitting and receiving with full Awareness…” through our entire being – every cell present and in this moment! It’s a rush! It can also be very grounding and stabilizing, giving us the gift of mobilizing every cell without losing our equilibrium. Thank you, Ken

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